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Resource Library

A library of resources including an entire ISO27001-based ISMS, incident response guidelines, awareness training materials, sample cyber security roadmaps and more to help implement information security in your organisation.
All of it has been developed for real clients, through real projects, with millions of dollars of investment.
New material is uploaded on a weekly basis from our consulting business.

Breach Intelligence & Breach Monitor

Search through ‘dumped’ information obtained from a variety of known sites on the Internet used by hackers to share information obtained via system or other compromise.
Get an early warning by email when new matches occur. 

Vendor Risk Assessment

Monitor your internet facing domains for misconfiguration and vulnerabilities, and for malicious activity in those domains. 
Gain better visibility of your suppliers, and track the risk associated with those suppliers over time.

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Security Colony Explainer Video

All the best features of Security Colony explained in just 3 minutes. Resource Library, Breach Intelligence, Ask Hivint, the value of a Free membership, and the huge return on investment from a Premium subscription.

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Don't take our word for it... listen to our subscribers!

"The Hivint Security Colony is a great resource. The documents within it are of an excellent standard and they have saved ME a significant amount of time and consultancy fees in bolstering our capability. At the price, it is a great value resource."

Daniel Bates

Cyber Security Architect, ME Bank

"We were amazed that such a vehicle for collaboration exists. Along with the Resource Library, the public and private forums provide us an ability to get small, targeted pieces of advice on the issues that we’re facing - and to see what others are facing – quickly and easily. Much has been said about the need for greater collaboration in this industry, but these guys are actually enabling it."

Bosco Tan

COO, Pocketbook

Documents in the Resource Library.

Actually, it's more than that now.  We release at least 10 new documents a month, so it's constantly increasing.

Downloads in the last 12 months.  

Every day, dozens - and sometimes hundreds - of documents are downloaded by clients around the world to help make their lives easier.

Amount saved by Security Colony subscribers so far...

And yes, it's actually more than that too. We're adding millions of dollars worth of content every year, and we now have hundreds of subscribers downloading these resources.

So what does it cost?

Well, a free membership, surprisingly, is free.  Not free in a 30-days-trial sense, but genuinely free.

Our Premium subscription is $2,700 plus tax.  For that you get:

- A full 12 months of access

- Up to 5 users connected to your organisation's account

- Access to all documents within the resource library, without complex or painful licensing terms

- Your own "Private Forums" for asking us any sensitive questions

- The ability to run any searches you like on the Breach Intelligence database, and the ability to set up stored searches using Breach Monitor, which will send you e-mails whenever a new match is found

- Monitoring of 10 suppliers via our Vendor Risk tool (and the option to buy additional supplier slots if you need them)


Full pricing details for our "Add ons" (eg Vendor Risk Assessment) are available at

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All you need is an email address.  No credit card or other details required.